Working Kelpie


Between the Australian kelpie and the Working kelpie there are fairly large differences In terms of character. You have to put a working kelpie to work. This can be both physically and mentally. Because of this they are “less” suitable to stay in the house as a house dog, because they are bred on work drive. With working kelpies it is strongly recommended to practice a dog sport on a very active level.


The appearance of a Working kelpie is more difficult to describe, because this type is bred for its work qualities (character) and there is hardly any breeding on the appearance. However, it is clearly visible that the Working kelpie and the Australian kelpie belong to the same breed. Working kelpies can have an undercoat, but this does not always have to occur to the same extent. All colors and markings identified in the race’s history are allowed. This brings cream, blue tan and fawn tan.

Common diseases and conditions

Just like with any other dog breed there are unfortunately diseases at the kelpie.
The most common are: Hip dysplasia, Elbow dysplasia, PRA, Heart problems